Scorpion vs. fix
Contestants Parameters
 360.  401.

Status: closed
MatchID 12936478
Date Tuesday, 24 March 19:00
Calculated Wednesday, 25 March 01:11
Created by ESL Instant Challenger
map de_tides
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10 : 8
Scorpion wins !
Points +26 : -26
13/03/09 16:05
First time in 1on1 handgun and first time I used ESL Instant Challenger. Waited 10 mins on the chat, fix didnt show up, closed the chat, saw that I had 1 game open, i clicked and it the game was on, fix had posted the IP and Pass but, as i said, it was a simple misunderstanding. 13 passed sinced the game opened and he protested, and because of 3 minutes, i guess, he didnt want to play it. And this is why this world is war-free, because people can talk and solve their problems.

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